We are Ellure.
We are one of you, you are one of us.
We will bring fresh wind for you.

Breathe and feel this breeze that will set a new norm in the industry and reflect truths of real people.

We make self-expression easier than ever, inviting one and everyone of you to discover yourself and be in harmony with it.

We fight against the idea of putting you into a box and forcing a change in you, because nothing needs to be changed.

Talk to us, join the movement and be our friend.
Together we shape the future that we want to be in.

Create your own

Meet the founders

Ellure was founded by Selah and Marc back in 2018 at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm as a school project. We put our heads together to find a solution to the challenge of creating products that empower people of all shapes and looks, meanwhile paying respect to the needs of our planet.

We have spent countless of hours in the lab to prototype, code and test our ideas. We’ve been out on the streets to talk to you, hear your perspective and ideas. It all resulted in what Ellure is today.

We hope you’ll enjoy your custom made lipstick and wear it with pride. It is just as special as you are.