Lipstick made by you



Let's make beauty personal, where you are at the center

You are unique, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect lipstick that suits you. We understand your pain. Ellure produces on-demand products designed and created by you for your own complexion. Create your custom lipstick online and get it within a few days!

High five your creative soul: you create, so you decide

Let Ellure help you to be creative! Instead of following the trends or contraints set by companies and others, you can decide yourself what you want to express. Either find your perfect nude, recreate an old color or just go crazy and try something different. Click further to get inspired by customers that proceeded you.

Started off to raise the bar for sustainable beauty

Ellure is founded with sustainability in mind. To set a new standard in the production and consumption of beauty products is our ultimate goal. With our unique production process we are able to target the core of waste prevention.

Give away something personal that respects our planet

Let the receiver make the perfect gift for themselves by creating their own lipstick. The receiver can design their lipstick online and will receive it custom made within a few days.

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