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Custom lipstick

Beauty made for you,
by you.

10,000 colors

10,000 colors

Cruelty free

Cruelty free



Light feel

Light feel

Starting A NEW chapter FOR BEAUTY

Where you are the creator

Our values

Custom made

Custom made

Use Ellure’s Shade Creator to design your own lipstick. Create the lipstick you need to feel confident and true to yourself.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

With Ellure’s advanced on demand technology your lipstick is made to your needs in less than one minute.

Planet action

Planet action

With customization we can reduce the waste from overproduction and overconsumption in the beauty industry.

What people say

We developed Ellure’s Liquid Lipstick with yours and our planet’s desire in mind. Hear what our test users said about Ellure Liquid Lipstick.

lipstick swatch (dark red)
profile image of Alexa

I normally don’t like liquid lipsticks because they made your lips very dry. This is the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried! I think it is very special.

@alexaedstrom in

lipstick swatch (light blue)
profile image of Xue

My color is so bold and I LOVE IT! I travel from Söder to Kungsholmen and definitely stood out. It’s a color to wear when you want to feel special!

@waiove.wx in

lipstick swatch (coral)
profile image of Sofia

This is a lipstick that you don’t have to think about reapplying. It lasts long, so I can really trust it. It’s creamy to apply and dries softly on my lips.

@johnssonsofia in

lipstick swatch (light blue)
profile image of Ljuba

My sky blue lipstick is my tool to manifest a festive mood and make a day special from the very start. I can always rely on my lipsticks without being afraid it will fade away.

@ljuba.mayachok in

lipstick swatch (pink)
profile image of Sandy

I tend to avoid to wear lipstick because I don’t like when it smudges and feathers out from my lips. Ellure’s lipstick solves this problem for me. It really lasts all day!

@sandykne in

lipstick swatch (dark pink)
profile image of Ewa

The formula is thin, but pigmented which allows it to swipe on effortlessly and evenly. I love that it even lasts for the hardest HIIT workouts.

@emarcinkiewicz in

lipstick swatch (orange)
profile image of Ema

I find this lipstick awesome as it takes both me and the environment in mind. I love how personal it is - and found the exact color I have been looking for.

@empand in

lipstick swatch (red)
profile image of Lisa

I really like my lipstick! It feels light on my lips, and doesn't smudge. The color lasts really long, which is great! I received lots of compliments about the color.

@lisabaeckman in

lipstick swatch (dark red)
profile image of Gina

Ellure brings me confidence. I chose a playful color to encourage myself to go out of my comfort zone. I wear my lipstick to make my day special!

@gee.na_ in

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Happy customer guarantee

We are committed to create a lipstick that you will love and use. If the lipstick doesn’t meet your expectations, simply reach out to us and we’ll make you a new one that better match your wishes.

About us

Beauty is for everyone, and should not force you into a mold of what the world expects you to look like. Read our manifesto and the story of how we started Ellure.

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