Custom Matte Liquid Lipstick

300 SEK / 5 ML

A highly pigmented liquid lipstick with a matte finish and easy application. With just one stroke this liquid lipstick will have you covered for 5h+. The formula feels as light as your own lip. Over 10,000 colors available.

Daily wear or dare to wear?

Make it yours!

The lipstick is customizable to fit your wants and needs. You will design and choose the color you want for your lipstick through our color design tool. Over 10,000 color possibilities are available.

Popular colors

Explore the most popular colors created by the Ellure community. You can adjust them to make them truly yours.

Cherry me up

Hazel brown

Hot pink

I'm blue



Red power

Purple rain

Rose pink

Fill me up, love me, then recycle me

For the limited edition sales, you’re lipstick will be filled in a container that is made out of recyclable material. This has been made possible by designing and developing it locally in our lab on Södermalm, Stockholm.

The bottle that will contain your customized lipstick is made out of glass with a frosty finish. Recycle it with clear glass when you’ve finished your lipstick.

The top of the container for the applicator is specially designed by Ellure. We have 3D-printed it in our lab from plant-based plastic material (PLA), most commonly made by corn. Send it back to us so we can reuse it for future 3D-prints.

Second skin formulation

Your custom lipstick has a formula that you can barely feel and that will stay on the whole day or night. Just apply it and then get ready to shine. Our formula is made out of safe and high quality ingredients that all have been tested and used for cosmetics formulations for a long time. Click to read more about the ingredients and their role in creating this stunning formula.

Hacks from the Ellure community

#1 Moisturize your lips before application

To find a balance between a moisturising lipstick and a long wear lipstick is a true struggle (formulation-wise). Ellure has focused on developing a long wear lipstick that moisturizes the lips. However, to keep the lips moisturized throughout the whole day: add a balm to your lip, let it absorb it and then apply your custom made lipstick.

#2 Use olive oil to wipe it off

The lipstick is water proof, so you’ll have to rub your lip the whole night to wipe it off with water (don’t try it, you’ll destroy your lip). Instead, add a bit of olive oil to your lip, let it sink in a bit and then take it off. Voilà, your lipstick is now gone and your lips as smooth as baby skin.

#3 add a gloss on top for a shiny look

Fancy a shiny finish of your lipstick? We’re working on it. Meanwhile we’re developing additional formulations for you to customise your lipstick with, you can apply a gloss on top of your matte lipstick. We cannot guarantee that the lipstick will keep it’s qualities with a gloss on top, but it’s worth a try.

How is my lipstick made?

After you have designed your lipstick color, your lipstick will be made directly in your lipstick bottle by Ellure’s lipstick printer. With our algorithm, your unique formula is calculated and mixed together to your lipstick. We only create what you want in an effort to avoid overproduction and waste.