Custom Matte Liquid Lipstick

295 kr / 1 pc (5 ML)ingredient

10K+ shades

Made to order

Note: Making your lipstick will take up to 1-5 working days and will be shipped from our Lab in Stockholm.

Cruelty free

Water resistant

Easy to apply

Vegan formula

Long lasting


Why customize your lipstick?

perfect nude


Searching for your perfect nude lipstick? With 10,000+ shades we will be able to find you a color tone that will match you perfectly.

colorfull options


We have it all! Purple, blue, yellow, orange and even green! Create a colorful lipstick to brighten up your day.

discontinued lipstick


Do you have a favorite lipstick that you can not buy anymore? Lets recreate it! Get in touch with us and we can help you further.

Happy Customer Guarantee

We are committed to create a lipstick that you will love and use. If the lipstick doesn’t meet your expectations, simply reach out to us and we’ll make you a new one that better match your wishes.

How we make your lipstick?

Your custom made lipstick is made to order to fit with your wishes.

1) Create your own color with the shade creator

2) We print out your unique blend with Ellure Lipstick Printer.

3) We mix it together and ta-da! Your lipstick is ready to be shipped.

Second skin formulation

Your custom lipstick has a formula that you can barely feel and that will stay on the whole day or night. Our formula is made out of safe and high quality ingredients.

Close the loop

We are committed to reduce waste in the beauty industry by only producing products that you asked for. For the lipsticks we create, you can help us to close the loop in two simple steps:

1) Love your lipstick and use it until it’s finished.

2) Separate the glass bottle from the 3D-printed top and recycle it.

Questions or feedback? Chat with us on Instagram, Facebook or .liame We are live Mon-Fri 9-17 (GMT+2).