Liquid Lipstick Sample | Ellure

Sample to find that perfect shade

39,00 kr per sample (+ shipping)

Choose up to 3 Shade Samples to explore and find that perfect shade!
After, buy the one you like as a full-size lipstick with a 15% discount as the matching is already done.

They have the exact same formula as the normal lipstick, just in a smaller size.

Cruelty free

Water resistant

Easy to apply

Vegan formula

Long lasting


- 1ML sample (around 10 time usage)
- Applicator
- One 15% discount coupon for full-size lipstick purchase

Why did we create this service?

We started Ellure to change the sad fact that 80% of cosmetic bought are not being actively used. We knew it is difficult to find the exact naunce you are looking for and simply not possible to try a lipstick over the counter or online.

It is not the customer’s fault that so many products are not being used. The way we sell it was wrong.

With the sample, we hope that it will be able to help you to find easier a color that you enjoy or feel confident with.

Service is in BETA

We are still testing and developing this service to make it as good as we can. For example, we are still optimizing the packaging and experience to make it better and more pleasant.

Hence, for the time being, you only pay for matching a formulation to your desired shade (39,00 kr per matching) + shipping fee (30,00 kr); but not for the sample itself.

The formulation of the sample has the exact same characteristics as the full-size lipstick.

How does it work?

  1. Order up to 3 samples that you would like to try

    Use the shade creator to design the shades you would like to try.

happy customer guarantee
  1. Receive samples and discover how they are in real-life

    We will create your samples and ship them to you, so you can try them out.

happy customer guarantee
  1. Order your favorite shade as a full lipstick with 15% discount

    Every order that includes a sample will include a discount code you can use for your next purchase.

happy customer guarantee


Why is this service in BETA?

We would like to create a service where you can test different colors without breaking your wallet nor accumulate a lot of unfinished products.

The service described on this page is our first trial to accomplish this, however, we cannot do it perfectly in one go. Hence we are trying it out to find out bottlenecks and how the service can be improved over time.

How long can the sample last?

The sample is not meant to last for a long time, but only to try shades you wish to explore. After testing them, it should be easier to decide on the shade for the full-size lipstick. You could use the sample up to at least 10 times. The formula will stay good for at least 1 month.

Can you elaborate about the 15% discount code?

Each order that contains a sample will include a 15% discount code that you can use during checkout on your next purchase. This code can only be applied on 1 order and cannot be used together with other promotions.

The code can be found on the order confirmation email that is automatically sent to you after you have completed a purchase.

How is the formula of the sample?

The lipstick is a light feel long-lasting liquid lipstick with a matte finish in the color you created. The lipstick is made from vegan and animal cruelty free ingredients, carefully selected to be as good for you and our planet as possible without comprimising on its performance. Learn more about the lipstick here.

Is your sample animal cruelty free?

Yes, the product development of all our products are animal cruelty free.

Is your sample vegan?

Yes, like the full-sized lipstick, all the ingredient in our lipsticks are non-animal based.

Is your sample safe for allergies x?

Our products are free from common allergens such as: gluten, egg, milk, seafood, mustard, celery, peanuts, sesame and other nuts. However, please double check the ingredient list to make sure that the product does not contain anything you are allergic to. You can find the ingredient list on our product page.

If you have question, please contact es.erulle@troppus

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