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Nude Lipstick

Your lip, but better.

You want to wear a lipstick, but don’t want people to see you’re wearing it. You just want your lip to look a bit more rosy and alive. But WHERE can you find that shade, when you’re not the average girl of the society? You’re paler, darker or just a bit more yellow than beauty brands recognize.

We hear you! We’ve been there ourselves, and that’s also why we started Ellure. To empower people like you. To embrace the beauty of diversity and let everyone be included in the makeup offers.

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How can I find my perfect nude lipstick?

A nude lipstick will be different to everyone. It’s very individual and depends on you skin tone. So first you have to start with looking at yourself and your skin color.

Do you have lighter skin tone? Then, a good nude lipstick for you will start from your natural lip color. In the Shade Creator, start off from pink or mauve, and then adjust the color to a bit darker color than your own lip. Colors that are ighter colors can make your lip dissapear.

Do you have a skin tone in the medium range? Then a good nude lipstick can be a caramel tone or a deeper pink. In the Shade Creator, start off with exploring the color categories Mauve or Beige, and adjust the color to your needs.

Do you have a darker skin tone? Then good nude colors can be deeper berry nudes, but also a shade lighter that your skin tone/foundation can be good.

Match your nude lipstick yourself?

Want to explore to find your nude lipstick yourself? Use our Shade Creator to do so.

Need help to match your lipstick?

Want to get some help to find your best nude? Write us and we will be happy to help you!
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