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We're excited to show you our really yummy summer shades! Made with a lot of love and fun, these colors look as tasty as your favorite seasonal ice creams from StikkiNikki. Made in Stockholm, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, Ellure lipsticks are ready to offer you creative, long-lasting, mat and waterproof texture: the perfect fit to express yourself this summer.

It is all about you, because you are unique!

As each color is unique, so do you. At Ellure, we offer you the possibility to match and create a lipstick shade matching your needs and envies. To keep it yummy and playful, you can get inspired by our ice cream summer looks created with Stikkinikki ice creams flavors of the day. A sweet and tasty match!

Let’s keep it 100% vegan & cruelty-free

One of our proud achievements at Ellure is to be able to offer you a product that is 100% vegan and cruelty free. We are doing our best to respect mother nature and our little furry friends.

Let’s be sustainable

You make the change. At Ellure, we have a strong belief in sustainability. Cosmetic fashion and trends can be done in a sustainable way while still adding value to your personality and beauty.

StikkiNikki x Ellure

Let’s talk about the similarities between food and cosmetic through Stikinikki and Ellure. From daily fresh ice cream flavors to custom made shade lipstick, at Ellure we like to think that the process is as yummy and playful once respecting our planet and our customers.

Meaningfull & unique

“Variety is the spice of life and we like variety. Every day Nikki and her partners make fresh ice cream for the day, and every day they experiment with new flavors, new ingredients and new combinations(…)” - StikkiNikki

“As you can personalize the product to your wishes, we believe that we can create a product for you that will be treasured and loved - meaning you hopefully will use it to its fullest.” - Ellure


“StikkiNikki’s vegan assortment has increased quite a bit over the years. Nowadays we produce almost 50% vegan!” - StikkiNikki

“The lipstick is made from vegan and animal cruelty free ingredients, carefully selected to be as good for you and our planet as possible without comprimising on its performance. ” - Ellure

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