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Ellure exists to make cosmetics inclusive and sustainable.

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Did you know: 80% of cosmetic products being sold, are not used!

Probably it has happened to all of us, we bought something that we thought we’d like, but in the end, it was just not what you expected and is accumulating dust at home.

But you are not alone. In fact, according to an internal survey of a big cosmetic producer, up to 80% of products customers buy are not being actively used, and are likely to end up in landfills at the end.

Ellure wants to change this problem so that we as a society can be more efficient in the natural resources we consume.

Tackling the problem at its core: reducing the use of material

You probably know about recycling and how important this for the environment. However, there is actually a more effective way to address environmental issues: using less.

This is however much more difficult; something we understand. Hence, Elllure is on a mission to make this change easier by addressing the waste created in the cosmetic lifecycle in new innovative ways. If we can make only products that you will use, and you will use them to the fullest, we together can make a change in the industry.

Introducing a new process to create Liquid Lipstick

Our first step towards this mission is the introduction of personalized lipsticks. Using the newest technologies, we developed a process that allows products to be created on-demand: we only make what you order.

Secondly, as you can personalize the product to your wishes, we believe that we can create a product for you that will be treasured and loved - meaning you hopefully will use it to its fullest.

Join Ellure and lets together set a new standard for cosmetics!

So what are you waiting for?

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All our products are animal-cruelty-free and vegan and are formulated to be long-lasting.

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