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A personal gift that respects our planet

and simple for you ❤️

Ellure exists to make cosmetics inclusive and sustainable.

Right in the center of Stockholm.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase and give away our lipstick giftcard

    That is it on your side! You can relax and let the magic happen ;)

happy customer guarantee
  1. Create the lipstick online on our website

    The receiver can design their lipstick online on, instructions will be available in the card.

happy customer guarantee
  1. Receive a custom-made and unique lipstick!

    The lipstick will be made within 1-5 working days. Its shipped as soon as it is made.

happy customer guarantee

What makes this gift special?

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Be part of the creation

Let the receiver make the perfect gift for themselves by creating their own product.

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The lipstick is unique

Each lipstick is made with a unique formula according to the wishes of the creator.

happy customer guarantee

A gift to be experienced

The lipstick will have a memory of you, as you gave them a unique experience and product.

What is an Ellure liquid lipstick?

happy customer guarantee

10K+ shades


Vegan formula

Kiss approved

Why is it sustainable?

80% of cosmetic products being sold, are not used! As a society we should do better than that.

Elllure is on a mission to change this by making products you love and use to the fullest. Using new production techniques we make products on-demand, meaning we only produce a product if a customer actually wants it.

This allows customers to create a greater variety of products without having countless of products sitting on the shelf or in storage (and potentially not being used at all!). If we would use 5% of our products more efficiently, we can save 24000 tons of material each year

Join Ellure and lets together set a new standard for cosmetics!


Where can the giftcards be used and how will it work?

Your giftcard will contain a code that can be used on to redeem the price of a custom lipstick. First, use our lipstick design tool to design your perfect shade and add this lipstick to your shopping cart. Then, before you check out, add the giftcard code to the shopping cart as well to cancel out the price. Lastly, follow the checkout process so we can handle your order!

Do you offer physical giftcards?

At the moment, we provide digital giftcards that you can print on an A4-paper to be folded into a card. We recommend you to print on paper that is 200gsm or thicker for the best result.

If you really want to get a physical card to give away, please contact es.erulle@olleh to help you further.

Do giftcards expire?

Giftcards are valid one year from the date they were issued. This expiration date is written on the giftcard and you can find it near the code you can redeem on our website.

Can giftcards be returned?

Unfortunately, giftcards cannot be returned or exchanged back into cash. However, we are devoted to make sure the receiver of the lipstick will get something he/she will love and use. You can check our Happy Customer Guarantee for more information.

What if the receiver is not happy with their lipstick?

We offer a Happy Customer Guarantee on first time orders to ensure our customers get a product they will love and use. If the received lipstick doesn’t match with what is expected from it, one can contact es.erulle@olleh and we will find a better match.

Other questions?

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available through Facebook, Instagram, or live chat (during office hours) which you can find in the bottom right corner.

Questions or feedback? Chat with us on Instagram, Facebook or .liame We are live Mon-Fri 9-17 (GMT+2).