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Customization. Sustainability. Affordability.

Ellure provides a hassle-free way to test the value proposition and scalability
of customized products.

Be a trendsetter of customization

Be inclusive while making a profit

Suits a wide range of formula and packaging

Produced responsibly

Our Technology

We have developed the whole process
while others try to add sparks of customization to mass-production

Augmented Reality (AR)

A tool with Augmented Reality (AR) that allows people to virtually try and design the products before buying.

Cloud-based central intelligence

Our cloud-based central intelligence will translate the designed product into a formulation to realize the actual product.

Cosmetic Printer

The product will be produced by one of our machines in a connected network of small-scale printers.

Wide product range

The products are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Suitable for different formulas and packaging.

Our case studies


Ellure liquid lipsticks.
"Create your own shade".

We launched a D2C brand Ellure Lipsticks to validate the technical and operational feasability, as well as stay close to the market.

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Ellure helps traditional brick and motor retailers to innovate within customization

We are working on a pilot project with a major beauty retailer and are in discussion with several cosmetic groups.

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❝As retailers cannot predict the exact customer demand; Around 20-40% of products cannot be sold across the value chain ending up in landfills.❞

Start a revolution with us to reduce the environmental impact of the products we create and consume.

“The industry is intentionally not tracking its waste.”

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“Looking for the best way to stand out? Customize.”

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“Inclusive beauty becomes table stakes.”

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Personalized beauty in the cosmetic market over the next decade

Written together with the 500 active customers and leaders in the industry. Including survey results, stakeholder interviews, trend forecasts, and applicable strategies towards personalization.

  • What do customers value the most?
  • What do industry leaders say?
  • Why on-demand production is the key to reducing environmental impact?

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