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Ellure x IMAA Queen

Ellure fluid makeup can be used as a liquid eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contour and lipstick. One product, limitless ways to be creative as IMAA Queen.

IMAA QUEEN surrounded by Ellure products


How do you get interested in drag?

I get interested in drag through the glamour with jewellery, feathers and material.

It started with Cruella De ville character in the movie 101 Dalmatians and then on with inspiration from big power woman characters through the years. The makeup come quite late and I actually didn’t like makeup until I was 16, then I started to experiment.

What does Ellure mean to you?

I like Ellure a lot because it focuses on the product, environment and quality, plus it’s produced in Sweden. It’s also amazing to see how it’s made!

What challenges do you have for makeup as a drag queen?

It’s a lot, but as always it’s the whole picture of everything. It’s never just the makeup, the dress or just the performance. It’s everything. So it’s a lot to thinking on, but in general it’s the management of time of course. I like to have a lot more time than it actually takes because I like to enjoy my process and not stress.

What is the concept behind the look you created for Ellure?

The concept was of course to just use the lipstick and I wanted to create something colorful, like a rainbow feeling. The picture I made on my face is a space/universe with the spectrum of all colors and then my mouth is the earth. My white plastic lace outfit was made with up-cycled plastic bubble wrap, it’s a symbol on recycling and environment as I think Ellure focuses a lot on reducing waste for the beauty industry.

Do you have tips for people using Ellure

Have fun with it, it s my first tip but my other best is to combined the product from Ellure with eye shadow and have courage to use it as more than just a lipstick because you can use it to so much.

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