Customized lipsticks

Beauty made for you,
by you.

What is an Ellure lipstick?

Endless option of colors

Animal cruelty free

Vegan ingredients

Liquid matte lipstick

Starting A NEW chapter FOR BEAUTY

Where you are the creator

Customized makeup

Beauty is for everyone, and should not force you into a mold of what the world expects you to look like. Ellure lets you be the creator of your own lipstick to reflect the beauty that is already there. We are here to help you create what you need to feel confident and true to yourself.

Explore colors

Use Ellure’s shade creator to explore color possibilities for your lipstick. Create your perfect nude or explore something new. You can create a lipstick for every occation, regardless of wanting to be bold or play on the safe side.

Made to order

After you have created your color and placed your order, your lipstick is made. With our algorithm, your unique formula is calculated and mixed together to your lipstick. We only create what you want in an effort to avoid overproduction and waste.

How it works

Getting your custom made lipstick is easy! Design your lipstick to your preferred color and let us help you to create it. Your lipstick is delivered to your doorstep within 5 days.

Design your color

Lipstick is created on demand

Delivery to your doorstep

Get inspired by Ellure creators

“It's crazy how just one, but important detail, can lift you up and bring you confidence.”

Get inspired by Ellure creators

“I love the concept. I don't have to buy several lipsticks to find the right color!”

Get inspired by Ellure creators

“Ellure's liquid lipstick is the only one I've tried that doesn't feel dry on my lips and still holds the whole night out!”

Behind the scenes

Follow along on our journey, from testing new pigments and mixing colors to helping customers creating their perfect shades at pop-ups.